Thursday, 1 January 2009


Yangtze milestone
‘Children with cerebral palsy rehabilitation project‘
Conductive Education Seminar successfully held in Beijing

The recession affects us all.

China is being hard-hit too and its government is injecting huge sums to buffer its developing economy. But the institutions of the already long-developed economies of 'the West' are humbled, and many of their traders are already looking hopefully to the huge markets of this renewed power as possibly the major source of their own salvation, if salvation for them there is to be.

And, as frequently mentioned on Conductive World, Conductive Education is but a microcosm of what happens in the world of which it is a part.

If the CE institutions of its ‘old countries’ find themselves on their uppers, as home markets slim down or even collapse, then eyes will inevitably turn to where grass might grow greener. A century-and-a-half ago, the jealous scramble of the world powers for trade had led to their wresting ‘concessions’ from the then weak Chinese government. That government is now far from weak, the Western economies are far from being powers, and CE, in any of its manifestations, is about a small a cog in the great wheel of commerce as you could possibly imagine. Negation has negated negation, the days of the Unequal Treaties are long since past and, to put it differently, everyone now knows that the economic boot is soundly on the other foot.

So it will be interesting to observe, over the couple of years that lead up to the VII. World Conductive Education Congress in Hong Kong, in December 2010, who or what organisations look to establish trading CE presences in China, what ‘Conductive Educations’ are put up on offer (and what are wanted), what cultural sensitivity is displayed, and how the whole venture fares.

In the meantime, as Sherlock Holmes used to say, ’The game’s afoot’. Have a look at this page from the web report of the Chinese Disabled Persons’ Federation:

DON’T click on the tab saying ENGLISH. Instead scroll a little way down the page…

Conductive World will be returning to the astonishing developments in China already in full flower, large practical programs, large-scale evaluation projects, widespread university involvement, in the near future.

Happy New Year.

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