Thursday, 29 January 2009

The duality of fear

Practical human reality of a critical concept

The longest-standing CE-blogger, Leticia Kuerton, took a break over Christmas and the New Year and, my, was she missed. New she’s back, with a vengeance.

In simple starightforward terms her latest posting describes her twins’ very differing levels of physical confidence and how this interrelates systemically with their learning, epitomising a central dilemma at the heart of conductive practice. This is how she concludes her piece (in Portuguese):

No entanto vivo com a dualidade, com dois exemplos extremos, aquele que sem o medo arrisca e aprende; e outro que devido ao medo não experimenta.

which being translated into English says

I, however, live with the duality, with two extreme examples, one who fearlessly risks and learns; and another who out of fear does not try.

Something so easy to know in theory. She and her twins and her family live the reality.


Kuerton, L. (2009) A dualidade do medo, Educação Condutiva com amor, 29 January

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