Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Male conductors

Why so few?

What with President Obama’s inauguration, and the Royal Bank of Scotland fiasco, there’s little room for much else on today’s news. One item that did poke thought. however, has been a report of a survey suggesting that British parents would like more men to work in children's nurseries.

Elliott Clifton writes:

These stories got me thinking about the lack of male conductors. There was one in my Pető group, András Bács, but I've only ever know about three. Any thoughts on this?

Does anyone out there have any facts or thoughts in response to Elliott’s enquiry (or is this another matter in Conductive Education that will remain by default an unproblematical, implicit given)?


Children's Workforce Developmental Council (2009) Parents demand more male child care workers (press release), 20 January

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