Sunday, 25 January 2009

New book in English, from Germany

Immediate notification

Künzel, S. (2009) The development and the current situation of the Conductive Education system in Israel, Siegen, Universität Siegen/Institut ScoRe

Published this month by the University of Siegen and the Institut ScoRe (Siegener Complexe Förderung und Rehabilitation) is a 98-page book based upon a diploma dissertation by Sabine Künzel and edited by her supervisor Fr. Dr. Prof. Karin Weber.

There is so little on the provision conductive services actually published in the English language that any new book is an event to be seized on, especially when its primary focus is examination of the development of Tsad Kadima in Israel, with its unique achievement in establishing family-based conductive upbringing.

No details of pricing of ordering are available and there is no trace yet of the book on the Internet.

Those wanting a copy should contact the editor direct, at the Institut ScorRe:

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