Wednesday, 7 January 2009

New charity and perhaps a new building too

Judit Szathmáry brings cheer in the gloom

Following what she calls ‘the hardest and the most glorious year of my working life‘, with new services on and off site, Judit Szathmáry’s New Year welcome letter to parents, carers and participants announces major new developments for Conductive Education Support Services Ltd.

The year 2009 will see the 21st anniversary of Judit’s services (Perhaps at twenty-one years she is the UK's longest consecutively serving conductor. Any offers over twenty-one?). In 2009 she hopes to offer more services and particularly to move to a larger building. She is currently looking for a plot of land for sale in the New Forest area to build this on.

It’s my Life Trust Fund

Not least of Judit’s achievements during 2008 was formal registration last February of a new charity, the It’s my Life Trust Fund. This is probably the only charity set up so far by a conductor in the United Kingdom.

The Fund’s area of benefit is assumed to be national and overseas and its formal registered charitable objects are as follows:

To relieve the needs of children and adults who have neurological disabilities and related disabilities, in particular but not exclusively, by the provision of grants equipment and other facilities and services to improve the conditions of the life.

The Charity Commission comments that this might be achieved by making grants to individuals, providing human resources and providing buildings / facilities / open space.

Fruit of twenty years’ very hard work by one of England’s most Anglophile Hungarian immigrants (Mandy Elliott has helped too). A colossal effort, with satisfying rewards.


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