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Not a blog: a free, flexible website

Innovative personal conductive practice in Budapest

Sixten’s Foundation in the United States has been using Blogger technology to provide a free, flexible website to promote its activities and achievements. Most CE websites round the world, however, remain static, frozen in time, as small organisations have neither the cash nor the on-site expertise to keep them up to date. This is never good marketing: in these present times it must be a downright hindrance.

One of the small, conductor-led consultancies now springing up around the world is Adam Makk’s, in Budapest. He too uses Blogger for his website and in doing so displays innovations in conductive service-provision on a number of dimensions.

Client group: at-risk infants

Tudjuk, hogy egy veszélyeztetett, de tünetmentesen fejlődő csecsemő nem szorul feltétlenül rehabilitációra, de olyan gyerekeknél, akiknek megkésett mozgásfejlődése egyre jobban kibontakozik, rendkívül értékes időszak vész el, ha a fejlesztést nem kezdik meg elég korán. Ők, akár veszélyeztetettnek számítanak a szülés alapján akár nem, de korai diszfunkcióra utaló jeleket mutatnak.

This means:

We know that an at-risk infant growing up without symptoms may not inevitably require rehabilitation, but in such children, even though delayed motor development may increasingly improve, an exceptionally valuable period is lost if development is not started early… [The final sentence altogether defeats me. Help please!]

No doubt other conductors have practised with this population. Certainly others have. In particular, only a mile or so from the Pető Institute in Budapest for a very long time now Ferenc Katona has been a shining example to the world in providing early intervention for at-risk infants

Service model: customer-oriented

This is an individual consultancy/counselling service:

Please choose the place and time that suit you, check with the given location and confirm by email [I am not 100% clear about the process involved here: again, translation help please!]

Look at the site. The little table refers to upcoming appointments/vacancies for 30-minute check-up and development appointments. By way of further explanation the three tabs, Hét, Hónap and Napló. In English these mean respectively ‘Week’, ‘Month’ and ‘Diary’.

If you click on Napló, Diary, the top line for each day’s entry indicates where those sessions are been held, in institutions or other addresses around Budapest.

A small red pop-up box marked Bétöltes means that the day is all booked up!

No doubt conductive sessions have been provided in this way before, but surely not as transparently!

In straightened times especially (but this really ought always to be so) conductors should be finding new ways of spreading the benefits of their conductive training. Adam Makk’s practice seems to represent several innovative steps already mentioned in Conductive World, encapsulated within a single service:

  • small
  • private
  • no capital plant
  • ‘new’ (large and often neglected) client group
  • consumer-oriented service-delivery
  • transparent operation
  • locally provided
  • short lead-times
  • electronically marketed (for free!)
  • de-emphasising the ‘conductive’ (see below)

For service-users this must be almost like going shopping!

Adam has brought these together. How conductive.

Just a small terminological point?

Adam’s consultancy service is called Mozgásfejlődés Tanácsadás Budapesten. Loosely this may be translated into English as ’Motor-developmental consultancy in Budapest’, loosely because ’development’ does not seem the exact equivalent of the word fejlődés in this context. Just possibly Förderung might be nearer the mark, if only there were such a word in English!

The emphasis of his site is upon who is helped, where and when. There is none of the usual ‘What is Conductive Education’, the effect of which is often less to attract than to make the work sound quaint.

For some years it has been a frequent topic for discussion, certainly in the United Kingdom, whether it would be advantageous to ‘drop the Conductive Education’. and instead lead on 'rehabilitation’, ‘school’ or some other such familiar term.

This may be more than simply a terminological point. Perhaps redefinition might also be an important feature in reconstructing how we and others conceive of what we do in the twenty-first century

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