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Searching for Conductive Education in the UK

Comprehensive listing is a start

This listing has been prepared following my brief contribution to Sky News' Online Replay Chate this lunchtime (see Sutton, 2008). It provides the name, location, email address and URL of all centres, services and consultancies that I currently know of in the United Kingdom where there are conductors working.

A few of these have a national or regional remit, some serve just their locality, and in some instances the conductors serve only those already enrolled at a given establishment (this is especially true of the schools included here). For specific details on this and other questions you will have to enquire personally, by way of the email addresses and the websites listed below.


In preparing this I have relied heavily upon a list provided for another project by Gill Maguire, who had taken up the task of monitoring the spread of CE from me some ten years or more ago. These data have been supplemented from another listing (adults only) that I worked on with her for publication on her blog about a week or so ago. (Maguire, 2008).

Since then I have dug out one more, still in the process of being put together.

Correcting this list

Such a list is never final. I am emailing a link to this posting to every place listed below, with an invitation to correct its own entry. It is people’s own interests to do thius as such lists get copied uncritically and reproduced undated on all sorts of websites, not just in the UK.

Other than asking people to correct their own entry I can only ask anyone who spots an error, knows of somewhere closing or moving, or knows of something new starting up, to get in touch so that I can amend the list. I have no facilities to offer any further service.

Future listings on Conductive World

I shall leave this list here on Conductive World for a while and then transfer it to Google Knol,
where the same plea for corrections, new information etc will continue to apply.

There are some listings for other countries up in Cyberspace. I cannot vouch for how up to date or accurate they are but I shall start a new listings section in the DIRECTORY in the left-hand toolbar of Conductive World, and include such lists as I come across them.

Better of course would be for people to send me the URLs for such listings… we live in hope!


Please note that Gill has continued the criteria for admission to this list that I first established in the mid -nineties and then transferred on line on the old Conductive Education Website:

Included in this register are all the organisations in the United Kingdom known to be employing conductors.

The term ‘conductors’ covers a variety of trainings and professional orientations, and is also used here to include conductor-teachers and teacher-conductors.

Inclusion on this list is strictly according to the criterion ‘employing conductors’ and in no way implies any comment on the nature or quality of the services provided. Caveat emptor!

One thing has changed in the last few years is that conductors are not just ‘employed‘. Some of the services listed below are the personal initiatives of conductors themselves.

Individual conductors

Another is that there is now a population of conductors living in this UK without any institutional affiliation. They may be working privately with individual families or in some other arrangement, or perhaps they are temporarily out of the field. There is no way at the moment of contacting members of this diverse population. This seems largely a phenomenon of London and the Home Counties, but conductors do turn up in the most surprising places!

If you do want a conductor ‘of your own’. the only way to achieve this, other than through a grapevine if you could find one, has been the CE Job Centre. This seems temporarily in abeyance but watch out to see whether it comes back to life:

A vital distinction

Just because you find a conductor does not mean that you have found ‘Conductive Education’, as many conductors will be the first to assure you. You may still wish, however, to sample taste of conductive pedagogy or inject a little conductive upbringing into family life.

The following list may at least help you find a conductor with whom to discuss this further, and lead you on to your first step along the conductive path.


ACE Project at Great Barr Primary School, Great Barr, Birmingham,+Birmingham/662

Bear Necessities, Bingham, Nottinghamshire,
[No website]

Blackfriars School, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

Buddy Bear School, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone

Conductive Education Support Services, Brockenhurst, Hampshire

Dave Vera Lynn Centre, Billinghurst, West Sussex, West Sussex

Greenhall Stafford, Staffordshire
[No website]

Hereward College, Tile Hill,, Coventry

Independent Conductive Education Centre, Wirrall, Cheshire

International Therapeutic Initiative, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire

Lighthouse Trust Summer School, Donaghadee, Co. Down

London CE Centre, Muswell Hill, London,

Megan Baker House Leominster, Herefordshire

Milestone School, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Multiple Sclerosis Society, Wessex and West Branch, Cheltenham, Gloucester
[No email: call 01452 862 822]

National Institute of Conductive Education, Moseley, Birmingham,

PACE Centre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire

PACES School, High Green, Sheffield

Percy Hedley School, Forest Hall, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Rutland House School, Elm Bank, Nottingham

Scottish Centre for Motor Disorders, Cumbernauld

STEPS, Shepshed, Leicestershire

Stick 'n' Step, Wirral, Cheshire

Villa Real School, Consett,
Co. Durham

A benchmark

There are 39 centres, schools, consultancies, establishments of all sorts listed here, They are vastly different one from the other, in size, activities, funding, indeed in every respect other than there are conductors working there.

At the end of February 2008 the figure 39 offers a crude but convenient quantification, a benchmark, just one, against which future trends might be monitored


Maguire, G. (2008) Internet, adults and Conductive Education, Conductive Education Library, 12 February

Sutton, A. (2008) Ivan Cameron: a short life with a big heritage? Conductive World, 25 February


  1. A very propmpt reply from Joan Bruton of the Lighthouse Trust...

    Good to hear from you! We are now in our 13th year as a summer school
    and each year, we enjoy it more and more, even though bureaucracy,
    redtape and paperwork has made life difficult. Could you please
    update our details as follows?

    Lighthouse Trust Summer School, Donaghadee (one n), Co. Down, Northern Ireland
    Website is
    Contact us

    Hope you are well.

    Best wishes

    Joan Bruton (Lighthouse Trust

    Apologies, Joan, for not being able to spell Donaghadee, not a typo but rather sheer English ignorance! Thanks for your updated contact information.

    I shall change your entry the minute I finish writing this note.

    Nice website.


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  3. No, it was deliberate, to compress a long column.

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    Thanks for pointing this out.

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    Buddy Bear Trust email address changed to

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