Monday, 9 February 2009

Brazil is stirring

Latest indication

Look at the cumulative map building up at the top of the left-hand side-bar of Conductive World. Those dots accumulating in South America are not from Spanish-speaking countries. They come from Brazil.

Gill Maguire searches the world indefatigably for academic articles and other materials on Conductive Education. Today she passed me the following link to a recent docent dissertation from the southern city of Itajaí :

Nacimento Corrêa, G. M. (2007)
A educação condutiva como possibilidade do desenvolvimento e inserção social
Unpublished docent dissertation
Universidade do Vale do Itajaí

The title means ‘Conductive Education as a possibility for development and social inclusion’. The dissertation is of course written in Portuguese but there is a helpful English-language summary:

The central theme of this study is to investigate the theoretical and methodological principles that guide Conductive Education, and to organize some material in Portuguese that can support the work of parents, teachers and educational professionals who work with children with cerebral palsy. We believe the main significance of this study will be in terms of helping to widen discussions and the intervention practices with people with cerebral palsy. This is a documentary and bibliographic study. The documents found were organised and analyzed, seeking to understand the concept behind this approach, since the focus of this work is to understand the principles behind the educational proposal. The materials were gathered from different Institutes of Conductive Education around the world, including the ConNostr@s Center for the development of Conductive Education (Mexico), the Peto Institute (Hungary( and the National Institute of \Conductive Education (England). We consider that the spread of the theoretical and methodological basis of conductive Education could mobilize both especial schools and the teachers in regular schools, and inform families about the possibilities of development and intervention with children with cerebral palsy.

A quick skim through this dissertation on screen suggests a refreshingly humane understanding of Conductive Education, family-oriented and social-psychological, of considerable potential uility to the growing movement for Conductive Education, both popular and professional, in Brazil.

A serious complaint

Unfortunately, ‘on screen’ is what this had to be, as the document comes with the requirement for a security password for such elementary matters as cutting-and-pasting and printing., and even to permit search engines to take account of its contents.

Maybe Gill will be able to sort something here, but why should she or anyone else have to?

Why do people orinstitutions subscribe to this sort of 'security'? Because it is possible? Who can possibly gain by restricting information, particularly academic information that has been collected specifically to be disseminated for the public good? No answer. Who loses? Everybody.

What a shame.

Reference and note

Nacimento Corrêa, G. M. (2007) A educação condutiva como possibilidade do desenvolvimento e inserção social, unpublished docent dissertation, Universidade do Vale do Itajaí
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