Sunday, 1 February 2009

Cumulative map: trial period

Towards graphic representation of the world of Conductive Education.

For the last sixteen months the world map that heads this site has shown the previous day’s visits to Conductive World, updating this daily. Clicking anywhere on that map shows a list of most recent visits, many not yet on the map itself, updating every five minutes. These two sources of information have of course been completely renewed every twenty-four hours.

There is another map now, at the top of the left-hand sidebar of Conductive World. Starting today, 1 February, this will display a cumulative total of visits to this site, updating at 0400 GMT.

Click on that thumbnail map to show further, much more detailed information.

Towards a demographic picture of the world of CE

These cumulative data will have the effect over time of creating a demographic map, if not of the ‘real’ world of Conductive Education than at least to its virtual avatar of visits to Conductive World.

This may amount to nothing, or interesting insights or hypotheses might arise.

If other CE-bloggers follow suit then useful comparisons and contrasts might emerge.

Feedback, please

It will take a week or so for the cumulative effect to become visible. Possibilities of changing the map’s format, position etc will be tested. And in particular readers' reponses are invited.

There will be further bulletins as ithe trial progresses.

In the meantime, the 'old' 24-hour map that heads Conductive World will be retained.

These two maps are provided free of charge, by MapLoco and Clustrmaps. If you would like to try out either or both of them your own site, then clicking on a map will take you to where you can register


  1. Trevor our lovely IT manager also recommended Clustrmaps for me as it gives more specific detailed background information about visitors. I registered with Clustrmaps in November last year, but I decided that I didn’t need such professional information on my blog .
    It was all too much for my blog’s needs. I just wanted something fun and to show the places that connect to me even just for a short while.
    I still get excited when I see people on line when I check my blog as it gives me the feeling that we are really connected.
    I found NeoWORX and I am using NeoPlanet from it. It is just a trial and they ask for a yearly registration fee after the trial period.
    Link to NeoWORX:

    Clustrmaps will be more relevant to the CONDUCTIVE WORLD as it is the leading site and the official meeting place for all of us around the world.

    Trevor also recommended the following links if you have the time, the patience and the need:

    Kind wishes, Judit

    Ps. As I was writing to you I received an e-mail from NeoWORKX offering me a 20% discount. It always proves to work… when you give you receive. Life is so much fun! …and full of miracles… we just need to recognise them. Thank You NeoWORX!
    It is also snowing! Don’t forget to put some food out for the birds!

  2. Ked. Jud,

    Thanks for your as ever informative and encouraging letter. It will take me some time to struggle through your practical tips but I promise that I shall come back on them.

    In the meantime, please, never, never, NEVER call me and my activities ‘official’. And I’m afraid that I am far too old to be worrying about the birds!



  3. Sorry about the delay in responding fully to your interesting Comment. I want to do so on two bases, the one general and terminological and the other substantive to our mutual interest in blogging.

    First terminological (but maybe it runs deeper that this).

    You wrote of my site as ‘the official meeting place’. Of course it is nothing of the sort. There has been and never could be such a thing. Nor should there ever be. At most one can say that, at the moment, it is one of a few places where questions about CE are publicly aired. I wish that there were more such and try to encourage others to join in and set up other situations for some degree of frank exchange. I am so very glad that you are one of the few who has so far taken up this burden!

    I am afraid that conferences and other such meetings do not have much of a history of success in achieving frank interchange in CE, but the Internet does seem a productive way forward. At least it would be if more people were willing to open up and express themselves. Some years ago the old CE Discussion Forum did achieve a measure of success in this and I don’t know what stopped it.

    Again and again I have been told that people in CE don’t speak out and communicate because they are ‘afraid’, what of they have been presumably too frightened to tell me! I can hardly credit this but, if there is one iota of truth in it, considering any site as ‘official’ is hardly likely to encourage the timorous!

    Secondly, substantive.

    I don’t have an IT manager, lovely or otherwise. Conductive World is wholly an amateur operation: I scrounge what ideas I can grasp from the Internet itself from fellow bloggers (how on Earth do you manage to screw three columns out of Blogger?), and from such few knowledgeable individuals such as Elliot Clifton whom I can corner long enough to do something specific for me.

    Years ago I did have access to a succession of IT blokes: Nigel who is now doing something mysterious in Korea, Iain who left to walk the Appalachian Trail, and Jon who went to the BBC.

    Great blokes, all of them but I must particularly acknowledge here one of Jon’s web presences, in part to disagree with the central proposition of its name: But use it as a portal to his other sites, to see what a techie knows can be done. Would that I had someone like that at my shoulder in struggling with Conductive World.

    Your NeoWORX looks jolly and I thank you for the other links too. But I’m already operating on the very fringes of my competence, and drowning in data that I don’t really understand. I always tell people that, unless you’re happy to operate the most bog-basic website (and who is?), then you shouldn’t let go of the side of the swimming bath without the help and instruction of somebody who knows how to do it (in corporate terms a website officer). Those who do thrash around for a bit, watch them, and then they vanish.

    I have no one like that, I can’t even type and I’m not venturing in any deeper for the moment!

    Thanks anyway,