Thursday, 5 February 2009

Nice, one Norman

What about a Patient Opinion for ‘special educational needs’ (or indeed for all services for the disabled)?

What a wonderful idea. It would be applicable right across the world, at least in all those cuntries where the state provides (and predetermines) services for disabled children and adults, and their families.

Have a look at the latest posting on Norman Perrin’s blog:

Is there no one with the determination and energy to take on this challenge?


  1. As one of the team behind Patient Opinion its great to be able to add some additional points:
    1. It really does work. Comments from patients, carers and staff are thoughful and make really useful suggestions. What's more increasing numbers of trusts are posting responses that show that they are making improvements or thinking hard about the comments.
    2. It would be great to have comments from users of conductive education about their experiences of health services in the UK
    3. So far as spreading world wide goes we would be happy to share the system with any social enterprise sigining up to the same values and an open source approach.
    Do get in touch if you are interested at

  2. Andrew. Paul and I are planning on meeting up shortly. It's down to me just now to respond to suggested dates from Paul. You'd be welcome to join us at Paces if you wished.

    One subject I will certainly bring up with Paul is his offer in the third point of his 'comment': how that might be taken forward and funded.

  3. Andrew. Paul has suggested meeting on 24th February. I have suggested 2.00pm This might be totally impossible for you. But know that you would be welcome to join us.

    Paul has shared this link with me. I'm sure he will not mind my sharing it with you. He says nothing came of it but it gives a good idea of what they do.

  4. South Yorkshire in February...

    I doubt that any readers from outside the UK can have any idea what an irresistable prospect this holds out.

    Count me in.