Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Now is the winter of our discontent

Can reality be far behind?

It has been a cold, miserable winter in the Northern Hemisphere, enough to make one think of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) at both individual and communal levels. And turning the world upside down, it has hardly been a glorious summer in Victoria.

Immediate considerations, be they disasters or mere personal inconveniences, do tend to divert the mind from longer-term matters. They divert the media too. The last couple of weeks, therefore, in those countries most directly meteorologically challenged, must have given the politicians a longed for break from the effects of public recognition of economic meltdown.

In Conductive Education, even at the economic micro-level, struggling through the snow to get to work may divert attention for a while from the nagging question of whether that work will be there for long.

Can spring be far behind?

Yes, it is on its way (and in Australia it looks like the new school term is back, always a potential reality check, see Lightnur’s recent blog).

From which predict a rash of new economic gloom in counterpoint, such as today's ‘Britain in worse recession for a hundred years'.

At least we shall have better weather to worry about it in.


Lightnur (2009) Muja first day in Conductive Education pre-primary, without conductor-teacher, Life’s Light Journey, 9 February

Personal footnote

The title of this piece is the opening line of Shakespeare's Richard III.

Somewhere around 1955 or 1956 I had my first and only Thespian experience, with a walk-on part in a school production of Richard III, as the self-seeking, treacherous, self-preserving cleric (bureaucrat) Cardinal Bourchier, Archbishop of Canterbury (King Richard III, Act III, Scene I. London. A street.)

I was awful. I hated it. I have never trodden the boards again.

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