Monday, 9 February 2009

What on Earth is this about?

It might be terribly interesting

This popped up today on the Internet:

Conductive Learning Center campaign strategy
Our group is creting a campaign for The Conductive Learning Center. The Conductive Learning Center provides education for preschool and school age children with motor challenges. Based off this information we have developed a campaign strategy that identifies the three diseases in which the center provides education for which are; cerebral palsy, spina bifida, traumatice brain injuries as well as motor skills and children conductive learning. The overall campaign organizes each of these diseases into individual adwords and uses common keywords to help differentiate between them. So far, our most productive adwords campaign is titled Motor Skills. It has accumulated the most clicks and impressions. We plan to continue paying close attention to detail with all campaigns but especially with this one and make sure we eliminate unsuccesful keywords.

It’s about Conductive Education so some readers of Conductive World might find it very interesting, ‘challenging’ even. Others might wonder whether they are losing their grip on the language.

Perhaps the former might elucidate, for the benefit of the latter.


Carlbom, J. A. (2009) Conductive Learning Center campaign strategy, Learning Remix: a learning community for Google AdWords and Landing Page design, 9 February


  1. Hi Andrew,

    I have done just a bit of digging, and it seems that this may be some kind of project for a college course (Eastern Michigan University). I followed the links and tags and did some searching, and found that "IS279" is probably an Independent Study course somehow involving advertising. See: The tag titled "Conductive Learning" leads to this page, where you can see the "project" evolving.

    This is my best guess. I don't know to what extent (if any) the Conductive Learning Center is actually involved.

  2. Andrew

    This looks to me like a blog for a student project. I am familiar with such exercises from my wife’s work with The Sheffield College’s online eCommunications Foundation Degree course in association with Sheffield Hallam University.

    The readership would be other students on the course – and their tutors perhaps.

    “The Learning Remix communities at Eastern Michigan University provide students with a platform for sharing and testing what they are learning.”

    With my admittedly limited understanding of the academic side of the internet, the student project seems to be about using Google Adwords to drive traffic to The Conductive Learning Center website.

    CLC are very likely to be volunteer collaborators in the project, providing a 'live' task for the student team. Other teams of students are working with other non-profits.

    That the author has some difficulty grasping CE is not surprising, is it?