Saturday, 7 February 2009

You have just missed the Sale, but there's lots of FREE stuff too

And another interesting business model for CE

Only just noticed: two-day launch offer for ‘life-coach’ materials for families of disabled children, written by a mother Joan Celebi, who has learned the hard way:

Sorry, the sale offer has just expired. Never mind. There’s lots of FREE stuff too, and a blog, and a newsletter, and other goodies too, through a parent-initiative that might be of interest to many in Conductive Education for the sake of their own children.

What about 'teleclasses', for example?

Another 'business model'?

Amidst the miserable news of the recession, Conductive World has been on the alert for potential alternative models for delivering some of the benefits of Conductive Education by altogether different means. This means identifying initiatives in practice within CE itself and potentially adaptible models from 'outside'.

Joan Celebi's activities may give people in Conductive Education, not just parents, food for thought about what they might think of doing next.

If you don’t try it, then maybe someone else will. Or worse, no one else will.


Celebi, J. (2009) Overwhelmed no more: the complete system for balanced living for parents of children with special needs, The Special Needs Parent Coach


  1. I have ordered both the handbook and the workbook, I will let your readers know what is inside as soon as they arrive.

  2. PS.
    I got in before the sale officially ended but looking at the site again today it seems that the sale is still open. So if you are quick you may be lucky.