Tuesday, 17 March 2009

American awareness

Another propaganda coup for ACCDAT,
but Oh, those muscles again

Texas CE centre A Child Can Do All Things (Conductive Education of Dallas), has scored some good public awareness, for itself and for Conductive Education in general in a two-and-a half-minute report on Channel 8 News (WFAA-TV) a couple of weeks back.

As ever, some telling video shots and an articulate parent and child (in this case Brian Hall, founder of ACCDAT, and his seven-year-old daughter, Katherine) prove the best public advocates of Conductive Education.

Good TV publicity has been an important tradition in the internationalisaion of Conductive Education. ACCDAT was last on TV news in October, on Channel 5. (this now seems to have gone off line).

A cavil

The news commentator: ‘Repetitive tasks help the children’s brains find new ways to send messages to the muscles’.

I don’t know how this brain-muscles understanding first originated. I first heard it, I think, nearly four years ago on a CBS news report on an Amrican fanily at the Peto Institute:

The idea is this: If the brain is forced to try, it will find a way to connect mind and muscle.


This seems to have caught on in the United States and pops up quite a bit in popular US explanations. It is as pernicious to having CE taken seriously by professionals and academics as the ’rewiring the brain’ explanation that is similarly bandied about in the United Kingdom.

Acknowledgement and apology

This TV report was spotted on Jacolyn Lieke’s blog. Due thanks.

Apologies for time that it has taken to bring it to wider attention. The clip is still up there on WFAA’s website. I do not know how long it will be retained there. It is also available via ACCDAT’s website.

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