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Εταιρία Προστασίας Σπαστικών

Drama in Athens (and New York too)

Conductivists with a particular concern for upbringing and personality formation in general, and young adults with cerebral palsy in particular, might be interested in the following communication from Cerebral Palsy Greece, that I am pleased to pass on into the world of Conductive Education for its practical and theoretical relevance):

Dear friends,

First announcement of Seminar in Performing Arts
Cerebral Palsy Greece has organized several Seminars in Performing Arts for disabled and able-bodied participants, in the last years.

In 2006 we started a very successful new cooperation with the Amalion Residential Centre in Marousi, Athens. Our purpose is to organize one Seminar each year, trying to cover different target groups each time. This letter is to inform you about our next Seminar in Performing Arts.
  • Dates: Monday 6 - Friday 10 July 2009 (departure Saturday 11 July)
  • Venue: Amalion Residential Centre (Marousi, Athens) (
The Centre can accommodate 200 people. It has ground-floor accessible accommodation and conveniences for people with disability, adequate premises for workshop and leisure activities, good catering and housekeeping and a pleasant park for outdoor activities.

We wish to invite 40 people from abroad.

  • Dance / Movement. The workshop includes: body awareness activities and establishing a sense of self “This is me’’, extending the basic movement range, achieving new movement skills and developing movement sequences.
  • The aim. Self-confidence, sense of achievement: ‘’I can’’. By evoking the inner fantasy life and extending expressive movement vocabulary, we say: ‘’I may be different but ...", "By moving with others and sharing”, "I belong’’.
  • Drama. Through theatre we explore the world of fantasy and creation, of character, plot, dialogue, movement and mime. Most of all we discover unrevealed creative talents in ourselves and others and learn to act as a group.
  • Music. The main aim of the music workshop is fun through the composition of tunes and lyrics, the learning of songs and the use of improvised and non-improvised musical instruments. Also development of communication, cooperation and friendship between the participants and the encouragement of spontaneous expression through music.
  • Art. Each day the participants will chose, discover, paint and construct. They will produce their own work and create a collective work that is the result of individual talents and group cooperation. They will provide props, scenery and costumes for the drama and dance productions.
  • Story Telling. The Story Telling Workshop is introduced as a side-line, with one session for each workshop.

Participation of foreign groups

Up to four persons in each group (1 carer and 3 disabled or 2 carers and 2 disabled)

  • Age of participants: 15 years upwards
  • Participation fee: There is a participation fee of 100 € per person. Room and board are free and you will only have to cover your travel expenses.

Looking forward to your reply and most of all to having you with us.

Best regards,

Daphne Economou Eleni Roditi

Cerebral Palsy Greece
Open Door Centre
117, M. Geroulanou Str.
Argyroupolis, Greece

Tel: 0030 210 9622290
Fax: 0030 210 9644330

Affinities, practiical and theoretical

Obvious affinities within CE include the often stated role of psycho-drama in the prehistory of Conductive Education and the pervasive presence of performance in so much conductive practice, never explicitly reported and analysed.

For those of a more Vygotskian bent, the obvious affinity is the practical utilisation of performance arts to extend people’s zone of next development. Conductivists in or around New York might really enjoy dropping in at the East Side Institute and introducing themselves. And wherever they are, they might like following up on the ideas and practice of Lois Holzman there.

In either case, exploring and testing such affinities, inside CE and without, is consistent with today’s increasingly expressed search for practices that express a more humanistic elaboration of the Conductive Education tradition (possibly soon to be boosted when Franz Scahaffhauser’s new BA graduate conductors come on stream).


Cerebral Palsy Greece (in English)

East Side Institute

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