Monday, 23 March 2009

Chinese puzzle partial solution

引导式教育结合 Frenkel 训练法对脑瘫患儿平衡功能的疗效研究

Further to this morning's item, Susie Mallett, who has greater patience than me, has just emailed me the following URL:

This is the Internet address for the article the summary of which had puzzled me this morning. Susie's email at least confirms that I was write in surmising that it comes from Mainland China. She tells me that she has written to the authors. I only wish that I had such energy. Hers, I gather runs to a blog-posting around this subject later this evening. Look out for it at:

The full English-language reference of this article is as follows:

Yang, L. et al. (2009) Effect of conductive education with Frenkel training on balance disability in children with cerebral palsy, Chinese Journal of Contemporary Pediatrics, vol 11, no 3, pp 207-207

The text is available in full in this very recent Internet edition, something that many journals in the West might learn something from (though perhaps their economics don't allow it!). When faced with a totally intelligible foreign text, as this is to me, I turn to the references for clues to at least the provenance of its ideas. I'm stumped here, the only Western references being to paediatric materials.


Previous item on CE research in China

Sutton, A. (2009) C0nductive Education in China? Food for thought, Conductive World, 4 January


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