Wednesday, 18 March 2009

‘Conductive Education Communications Center (CECC)’

Further step in CE’s globalisation?

Gil Maguire has just blogged news of a very interesting and perhaps substantive development for Conductive Education worldwide. No point in repeating what she has reported. Go yourself to:

Read the extracts that she quotes and follow up the link to the original. There can be few people in CE worldwide whom this interesting development might not potentially touch, in one way or the other.

This venture does appear seem at the moment directly implicitly towards the United States, but it will be in English and therefore will have a likely global take-up. At the information level, therefore, it is a potential factor towards globalisation of information, and perhaps global homogenisation.

Rubbish in, rubbish out?

On the face of it this seems a substantial venture, with money to be raised at least in part from advertising. Who is behind it has not yet been announced.

The world of Conductive Education is a real tower of Babel. I don’t mean people’s speaking different languages (though that hardly helps) but, perhaps especially in English, an unclassifiable host of alternative and sometimes incompatible understandings and even practices, jostling with each other for public and professional attention under the rubric of Conductive Education.

In one way it might be a service to give all these a convenient stage on which to strut their stuff. It might even be as entertaining as it could be irritating. Perhaps though, pity the punters.

I see the weasel word ‘experts’ and do sincerely hope that ‘almost 20 years in public relations, marketing and interactive/website communications’ will temper the wind to the shorn lamb.

Either way, it will be upon us in a few days. Find out a little more before then at:

Good luck to the venture… and we shall see.

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  1. More haste , less speed!

    I've just noticed that the name and contact details for this are:

    Mike Szimanski
    Education Communications Center

    Not a common name (unlike Andrew Sutton which is dirt-common and turns up in all sorts of contexts!). Perhaps this is he:

    We shall soon see.