Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Don’t forget the Discussion Forum

Facility for parents and CE jobs

While the blogs provide place on the Internet for extended opinion and for headline stories, people in Conductive Education often need somewhere for communications that are more basic and factual, and where they perhaps feel more in control of their postings.

Don’t forget the Discussion Forum.


An enquiry from an unnamed parent a day ago, about experience of the effects of a drug called Trihexyphenidyl, brought immediate response from fellow parent Donna, a ‘conversation’ even.

There are so many situations like this where even a single response might be a help. Much better, though, a lot of replies.

Actually of course this enquiry does not lie strictly within the remit of a Conductive Education site but one has to remember (and look at any parent blog if you need this in writing) that bringing up a child involves something other than discipline boundaries…


People also use the Discussion Forum to advertise for jobs.

Hardly a point for ‘discussion‘, you might say, but every job advert is potentially discussable and, as a recent posting, shows advertisers themselves can link their ‘advert’ to a request for wider information, and perhaps a comment too.

La Maman de Guillaume, writing from Nice, is looking for a conductor to work with her 20-month-old daughter, with a view to establishing her own small service:

… we would like to create a group here (we live in Nice, southern France). I would like to know which websites to use to hire a conductor.

It would be interesting to see what a range of solutions can be offered in 2009, in response to this frequent enquiry.

Chose your language

La Maman de Guillaume is in Nice. A couple of weeks ago on the Discussion Forum, there was a job advert from la francophonie, from a mother in another Mediterranean resort. Salwa ben Khalifa is looking for a conductor to work with her two-year-old daughter for a month, in Sousse.

Both mothers write in English. The Forum does state that any language is welcome. They could have written in French.

Find the Discussion Forum
Not, of course, only for parents and CE jobs!

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