Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Essay on business models for CE


I received some appreciative comments on Part I of this essay. My thanks to those who wrote in. I write here to apologise the delay in publishing Part II. I haven’t forgotten it but this has been a distracting week or so, denying me the concentration that I need to finish the job.

In the meantime. Here are two things to be getting on with.

Sheffield, and Hong Kong

Norman Perrin has just published an interesting evaluative piece of his own around the topic of business models. As he says himself, it it not exactly a ‘response‘ to what I had written, not least because it recounts something of the by now long experience of PACES, manifesting a unique business model for developing and maintaining conductive services in the UK. It is well worth a read, as are other things that he has written on this over the years.

I visited PACES last week and, as far as you can say this about anywhere nowadays, its founding concept conveys a striking feeling of sustainability that well suites our present times.

I am intrigued at the way in which Norman expresses this business model in his latest blog, because of the apparent congruence of his position and that of SAHK. The two organisations have arrived at positions that, to this outsider at least, look in some respects strikingly similar. They have done so after similarly long development histories, but from very different starting points, on vastly different scales, and in very different business environments.

They should get together on this.

Two books for homework

I am glad that I wrote and published this first part when I did.

Those who are looking forward to Part II might like to look further into the two books mentioned, as homework.


Norman's recent posting


Part I of the essay on business models


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