Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Most excellent news from the United Kingdom

PACES achieves NMSS
(‘non-maintained special school' status)

Only denizens of the English education system speak or understand its hideous jargon, and very few of them are bilingual (that’s one reason why there is so little communication between English education and the rest of the world, even with the parents who perforce entrust their children to its schools!).

Never mind the jargon. PACES Conductive Education school in Sheffield has successfully gone through all the bureaucratic humps and been accepted by the state education system as one of its own.

Well, sort of…

PACES remains a charitable foundation, outside the state education and does not become a state school. But it is now eligible for all the little financial tit-bits that the state hands out to its own schools, its teaching staff are entitled to the same entitlements as staff within the state education service, best of all local authorities will now be obliged by law to inform every parent of the existence of PACES when it is time to decide on a school.

Of course, like everyone else, the parents will have fight the same good fight to get the local authority to accept their choice, but that’s a story for another day. For the moment, cracking result, PACES!

This result hs been known informally for a little while now. At last the final paperwork has come through and PACES can go public. Fellow night-owl Norman Perrin announced it on his blog about forty-five minutes ago:

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