Friday, 3 April 2009

CECC: two weeks’ launch delay

Now service rescheduled to start mid-April

The Conductive Education Communication Centre (CECC) was due to start operation in 1 April but it will now be launched ‘on or about April 15... using aggressive public and media relations’.

Previous item on CECC:

Who will it be for?

…parents, those certified Conductive Education specialists who work with children, other therapists, facility owners, service providers, attorneys, the media and others interested in Conductive Education.

‘…those certified Conductive Education specialists who work with children, other therapists…’: three unknowing glitches or indication of unstated agendas?

Advertising terms

Conductive Education center owners and operators, related service providers, attorneys, equipment manufacturers and distributors, transportation specialists and other related businesses are encouraged to review the advertising options available that support this important site….

Rates and durations are for each option are for one month - 30 days from the date it first runs. In order to best take advantage of the media campaign, we strongly encourage a three month commitment. Given that the site is now just being launched and has no visitation record, these rates will only be in effect for the next 90 to 120 days.

Here is something really new in the world of Conductive Education, a field where providers have characteristically been unable or unwilling to pay to advertise their services.

Initial advertising rates will range from US$100 per month to USD$750, though as warned these rates might rise in three or four months' time when the site’s visitation record becomes clear.

Further information

For further information on these and other matters, including then wide range of services to be offered by the new site, see:

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