Friday, 8 May 2009

Become a stringer for Conductive World

Unpaid. of course!

In journalists' parlance a stringer is usually a freelance reporter who provides extra copy on demand whn it cannot be done in house, or gives alerts to something happening locally that may merit investigation for its potential wider interest of significance. Ideally such services are paid for!

We do not live in an ideal world and at the more impoverished end of the scale stringers have provide their services free. Perhaps they are just trying to break into the market and are wiling to offer things cost-free, as loss leaders, in the hope of being taken up. Maybe they do it for the sake of some wider cause.


Over its year-and-a-half 's existence Conductive World has attracted the help of a small number of stringers worldwide. who, for whatever reason are pleased to give notification of things that are potentially reortpable here. Last month Conductive World also published its first feature article written specially for it from an outside source.

The basic annual budget for Conductive World is easily convertible into any world currency. In pounds sterling it is £0.00, and its stringers act without a fee.

Let us know

Conductive World is interested in whatever is happening, anywhere in the world, with a possible bearing on Conductive Education.

Submitting information does not necessarily mean that a story will automatically follow, but it well might. If you know of anything that you think others might find interesting or useful, then there is no need to try and write it up yourself, no need worry that your English migh be less that perfect. Just send an email and we'll take it from there.

The previous item on Conductive World provides a case in point. Not many people in Conductive Education, even in the United States, will see Teaching Exception Children. One of those who did recognised its likely wider interest and got in touch. Now all those who read Conductive World today will know of it. They might not be interested, but at least they now have the choice to find out more for themselves.

Conductive World has little time or resources to investigate stories for itself (though there are all sorts of things behind the scenes, now as ever, that really do merit serious investigation and exposure!). Some of the things that people write in about are wholly unproblematical (again, witness the previous story here), others require a degree of tact and others still risk the libel laws!

So, if you possibly can, help make the story that you report 'stand'up', with documentary evidence.

Write yourself

Conductive World is no academic journal! If you would like to draft something for yourself and submit it for possible publication, then please do so. The big test for publiation will be whether or not it is interesting, though do please accept that your stuff might attract a little light editing before it appears.

Remember, you will have to make what you write 'stand up' (than is one of the reasons behind providing 'references'. so that your readers can check what you say), and don't forget the libel laws!

Mr and Ms Anonymous

Most of Conductive World's stringers so far have, for a variety of good reasons (legal constraints, fear of bullying in the workplace for example) have preferred to remain anonymous.

This is Conductive World's 'default setting': if informants and/or authors do not wish their identities to be revealed, then they will remain anonymous.

If, however, you do wish to 'come out' and declare yourself, then please do so. A new generation of service-users and service-providers is emerging. Here is one way (and of course there are others too) for you to make your voice heard and get your name known.


Write in confidence to:

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