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What’s this?

Over on the Conductive Education Library blog, Gill Maguire has recently posted an account of what it takes to winkle Conductive Education from the most unlikely corners of the Internet.

Here's an unlikely item that I found myself, in this morning's, which serves the useful function of publishing press releases on line, free. Here I found Conductive Education nestling under the headline 'Now Available: Water Treadmill in Greater Toronto Area'. Now there's a heading under which you'd not immediately think to seek CE!

This particular press release comes from kinesiologist Katharine McLarty who has installed a Hydrotrack® Water Treadmill in her practice: “a no pain, all gain experience!”Her other services, she announces, include:
  • Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Kinesiotaping, Active Release Therapy®, Registered Massage Therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Psychotherapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Personal Training, Pilates and Yoga Classes and Conductive Education®.

Presumably she works with a conductor.

Conductive Education®

What on Earth is ‘Conductive Education®’?

Note and references

Maguire, G. (2009) Where on Earth do you find it all? Conductive Education Library, 15 May

McLarty, K. (2009) Now available: water treadmill in Greater Toronto area,, 17 May is also Pressemitteilung of Vienna, Austria. What a global world we do live in! This press-release service is FREE (my favourite word in e-commerce). The English-language version is already attracting notifications from or on Conductive Education. The perhaps less PR-conscious world of Konduktive Förderung seems not to have latched on to this yet.


  1., 18 May 2009 at 15:12:00 BST

    see my comments in the Birmingham NACE "old CE Forum"

  2. Conductive Education is offered at the Functional Performance Centre through the Ontario March of Dimes. CE is a great program and fits wonderfully with the other services offered at the FPC, since this is their first year there, I think it's great to see the promotion happening.

  3. CE is being provided by the Ontario March of Dimes at this location. Conductors have dedicated classroom space within the centre. The centre is intended as a "one-stop" intervention centre where people can access many different interventions all under one roof. It has proven to be a beneficial delivery model for CE as it allows us to work alongside other professionals while maintaining boundaries. It has also given us a valuable "in" with current treatment methods and has helped get the word out about Conductive Education.

  4., 20 May 2009 at 18:24:00 BST

    But still this is not the answer!
    Why OMOD have the right to copyright Conductive Education in Canada something that was developed by entire world. They have no moral rights to use the “R” world.
    We have to make Voluntary Revocation of Alberta Association for Conductive Education just to avoid being sued by OMOD for carrying the world Conductive Education.
    Shouldn’t this be about helping kids and let others to grow in Canada…we don’t live in Zimbabwe!

  5. Yes, this is a brilliant model for conductors to practise in.

    When I first came to Germany, in 1993, a physiotherapist friend with his own practice tried to incorporate me as a conductor (and Conductive Education) into his centre. We met with all kinds of obstacles, most of them red tape from the health insurance companies that didn’t, and still don’t, “recognise” Conductive Education.

    Since 1995 I have worked regularly for a charity, Verein für Menschen mit Körper Behinderungen eV. that introduced Conductive Education as a very small part of its huge network of services for people with disabilities and their families, in a similar way to the model in Canada.

    It is wonderful working amongst other professionals where nobody wants all that multidisciplinary stuff but where everyone is happy to work alongside each other and learn from each other.

    This week I am working with a Heilpedagoge , a Heilerzeiherin and another conductor on a couple of art projects. Some of the children and adults have experience of Conductive Education, others haven’t. I know the staff well but we knew each others work before this week’s art project less well.
    We all learnt a lot from each other and most important we had great fun.

  6., 21 May 2009 at 04:07:00 BST

    These days Conductors who are still practicing with their "clients" very easy forgot what the Peto Method was about. It should be responsibility of conductors to make parents aware that what they are offering today has nothing to do with Conductive Education "Made in Peto".
    I don’t believe that such “one-stop” center can offer a full time REAL Conductive Education so…what to call than Conductive Education today?

  7. Jerry,
    you are quite right in being worried about this and to bring it up here.
    I want to talk about this in some detail on my blog quite soon.

    PS. It is lovely to have you commenting on blogs. You always say the things that need saying.

  8. Susie's right, Jery, you tread where others would prefer not. Keep treading here please, but also do seriously consider blogging yourself...

    I too have a little to say about what has already been said on this thread but it became too much for the format of a Comment.

    I have therefore made it an item in its own right. It can be found on Conductive World, posted on 21 May at:

    I do hope that we shall har more of the issues arising here.


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