Monday, 4 May 2009

Hari is an Indian name too

And there are many Indians Resident Overseas

I have to admit to not having previously spotted Hari’s Blog.

Google Alert has just rectified this situation, by connecting me to this morning’s posting on Hari’s Blog, on the occasion of its first mention of Conductive Education:

A real puzzle all this at first, until I realised that Hari’s Blog comes from California. Then, a couple of links having been chased up, everything began to fall into place.

Fascinating. It leaves me wanting to know more.

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  1. 'Thoughts
    my name is Hari and i have autism. my mouth is broken and i cant talk at all. my mind is working because i can understand what others are saying. i really try to say something like "i get it". but my mouth and my body make it hopeless for others to know that i am inside this messed up body.'

    I am terribly lonely in my soul for a good friend that I can talk to everyday that is my age. I feel so trapped in a broken body that acts so silly yet a mind so bright that I could light up the world. I also agree that that I set myself up to fail because success looks so scary from my point of view. I am so good at making myself a complete failure I wouldn't know where to start being a success.'