Friday, 22 May 2009


A right Royal occasion

Conductive Education (for children anyway) seems to bear a strange facination for Royalty. Responding most actively. the Hungarian Foreign Ministry has the Pető Institute in its sights, having twigged the notion when Princes Diana ('Lady Dee' to the Magyars, I recall) visited the Pető Institute in the early nineteen-nineties. Ever since then, visiting foreign Royalty are likely to find themselves taken to the countriy's largest institution for disabled children, not the usual kind of attraction on such visits elsewhere..

Still, the Pető Institute is a member of the Hungaricum Club, which means something like being a uniquely Hungarian national treasure capable of being marketed abroad, and such a visit provides great photo-opportunities.

Latest example of such a Royal visitor is Prince Akishino of Japan, making an official visit to Hungary and visited the Pető Institute on his last day.

Get a flavour of the occasion from the picture report in the Hello!-style Royalty Blog, which records the eventful lives of the world's Royals:

Strange events Royal visits. Who gains most from such occasions, the visitors or those visited? I would take some convincing that it is not the former.

Don't tell me about Royal visits. Peccavi.


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