Friday, 29 May 2009

Job advert

Second announcement

First announcement of this vacancy was made on 14 May:

The vacancy is at Educaçao Condutiva Con Amor, in the city of Florianópolis in the State of Santa Catarina in Brazil.

Brazil may prove an important country in the future development of Conductive Education. Con Amor is small but pioneering centre and its founder, Leticia Kuerton, has played a leading role in the growing interest in Conductive Education there, hence the strategic significance of this job mentioned in the first announcement.

The successful applicant will need to learn Portuguese (help will be given in this, formal and informal).

The present conductor is Becky Featherstone, who is English. She is making her own significant contribution both to developing Con Amor and also helping lay the foundation for Brazilian Conductive Education.

This position will be available from early 2010. It may particularly suit an early-career conductor, flexible, imaginative and eager to adapt.

Some further information

Recent video on Santa Catarina (in English)

Educaçao Condutiva Con Amor (blog in Portuguese)

Example of Con Amor’s activities: upcoming summer school (in English)

Becky Featherstone’s Brazilian Adventure (blog in English)

Further enquiries, in English, to Leticia Kuerten at:

Include a CV, tell a little about yourself, and include the names and contact details of two people willing to act as referees.

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