Tuesday, 26 May 2009

On the block

What's the problem, what's to be done about it?

Conductor László Szögeczki may have laid more than his head on the block in a posting on his blog earlier this evening, in which he writes:

There is a stereotype that women are, on average, more focused on relationships and more kind and considerate than man. This might be true - on average. However, if I think of my professional past, present, I just can not totally confirm this in our community. Despite that the ladies who involved with conductive education are immaculately giving their caring love to children, clients, they can be real disastrous to each other. Why is that? I do not know any good reason, but maybe some good answers can be collected.

If you have any 'good' answers please post them as Comments on Laszlo's blog:

Meanwhile, I am reminded of recent attention to questions of workplace bullying within Conductive Education:

As for 'collecting good answers', then never mind that. Better to do something about it. An effective conductors' trade union might go some way towards stamping out some of the negative things that might arise in the conductive workplace.


Szögeczki, L. (2009) Stengths of humanity, László Szögeczki's CE blog, 25 May

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