Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Three weeks in Florianópolis

Introductory CE experience for Portuguese-speaking families
Educação Condutiva - com amor
Third three-week holiday course
(in Portuguese)
Ninety-seven hours of activities
13-31 July 2009
Mondays to Fridays
1030 to 1700 (starts 1000 on first day)
Parents take part along with their children to 1100
An opportunity for children to take part in ninety-seven hours’ Conductive Education activities in a pleasant environment, and in independent daily-life. Activities for parents too.

Groups will again be led by English conductor Becky Featherstone que vem de forma primorosa conduzindo as rotinas no Grupo Com Amor.

Further information


Two vacancies remaining. Personal enquiries to Leticia Kuerten on (48) 9167-6105

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