Friday, 22 May 2009

Twelve down

End-of-year BBQ at NICE

The end of the academic year in England and another batch of newly trained conductors off to seek their fortunes in the big wide world of Conductive Education. Time again for the informal Annual BBQ.

Overcast, a light misting of rain (and worse forecast), people clustering under the gazebos. Sausages and burgers. A cake to be cut. Punch and wine, fizzy for toasts. Low key, very English.

The conductor-training course at NICE is a boutique affair. It is the twelfth cohort graduating this year, only five this time round, four of them women. All the women have jobs waiting for them, the man will be going to the USA and will sort one out when he gets there. Three of the five come from outside the UK (Canada, Norway, Germany). All five will be working outside the UK (NICE conductors have no problem finding jobs). So very international too.

The occasion also marked the end of my formal contribution to the course.

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  1. First of all, congratulations to the new conductors - prepare yourselves!

    I am sad to hear that you will no longer be foramlly contributing the course, your lectures were some of the most insightful and interesting in the three years even if, actually precisely because, they often went off subject. I find it hard to imagine anyone else delivering your lectures and find it difficult to believe that anyone has the depth of knowledge that you possess. I feel sorry for the current/new intake of student conductors, they probably won't know what they are missing.