Thursday, 14 May 2009

Welcome to a new US CE center

Nice site (with a couple of buts)

The Colorado Foundation for Conductive Education, situated in Loveland, CO, was incorporated in September last year. This is another family-initiated program, but unusual in being open to children and adults across the age-span and having a wide range of motor disorders.

Now on line is the Foundation's attractive and informative website.

The website is comprehensive and refreshingly open. Read about the flexible range of access arrangements available to suit service-users' requirements, and meet the conductor, children and families already working there.

Most importantly, the text of the Foundation's site indicates fresh thought applied to the task of explaing Conductive Education to the world, and a welcome absence of the hoary old nonesense that marrs so many.

Occam's razor, please

Please, please lose the following:

By repetition of tasks and combining intentional movements with learning, the brain creates different paths for sending messages to the muscle groups and thus creates desired movements... Conductive Education bases its approach to teaching, that, despite damage to the central nervous system the nervous system still has the ability to create new neural connections.

It is pseudo-science and wholly unnecessary. Why not simply 'Conductive Education teaches how to learn'?

Another unnecessary elaboration, and again not really true is the following:

Conductor-teachers who have attained a degree in Conductive Education...

Why not simply 'conductors'? After all, the term has a proud and continuing tradition.

In Hungary the training of conductors is emerging from a period when it had to be carried on in conjunction with training to be elementary-school teacher, hence 'conductor-teachers'. That training was not to degree level. Now the training in that country is in process of changing. In future it will again be conductors trained in Hungary, not conductor-teachers. Equally significantly these conductors will be graduates, like conductors trained in England.

This may look complicated but in fact summarises a much more complex situation around conductor qualifications. Best therefore to keep the whole thing simple, especially when you are dealing exclusively with out-of-school activities, with no requirement fot teacher training anyway.

The Colorado Foundation for Conductive Education

Nice slogan:

'...Achieving independence through active learning'

Nice site:

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