Saturday, 27 June 2009

All quiet on the CE front

There's a storm coming...

How very quiet and at ease everything seems on the Conductive Education front, on this hot, humid June weekend in Central England.

In the distance, though, I hear the rumble of thunder, and I think: 'There's a storm coming'.

Then I remember that I have used these words before on Conductive World, last September, in what may have seemed at the time just another Jeremiad... Looking back, that was written in another world.

Sutton, A, (2008) Another straw blowing in the wind (A further Jeremiad. Sorry!), 29 September

These words 'There's a storm coming', now as then, never fail to remind me of the final scene of The Terminator:

It is now nine months since that earlier posting. In nine months' time it will be the end of March, just coming up to the new financial year.

Up here in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be spring. What better time f0r a posting called 'The green shoots of recovery'.

Or perhaps 'Terminator 3'.

Time will tell.


  1. “…God a person could go crazy thinking about this… I suppose I will tell you…I owe him that… Maybe it will help if you know that the few hours that we had together we loved a lifetimes worth…

    There is a storm coming in …
    I know…”
    The Terminator from the final scene.

  2. There are no specifics of plot or characterisation in the film relevant here.

    Nor are any particular words in its final scene, of which those, quoted above are but a small extract, other than the concluding exchange:

    'There's a storm coming in.' 'I know.'

    Just the archetypal Cassandra experience.

    The music's good too.

    Oh yes, and nothing meteorological was intended either, despite the lightning strike on six lads playing cricket that very afternoon in Birmingham's 'Tornado Alley'.