Saturday, 20 June 2009


Sixten's to achieve its breakthrough

Sent out on Thursday to a mainly North American mailing list, and now filtering through to the rest of the world by the process of Chinese Whispers, is the following email, reproduced here in its entirety.

Sent: Thursday, June 18, 2009 1:55 PM

Subject: Conductive Education in Maryland!!!

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick note to send along some good news!!

To make a long story short...WE DID IT!

I had a meeting for more than an hour yesterday with our Director of Special Education from Prince George's County Public Schools and "she gets it"!!!! She totally sees how the children have responded during our one year Conductive Education pilot program and sees the value in continuing it long term! She wants to hire Conductive Education Teachers and place them in classrooms as stand alone Special Education Teachers

Any Conductive Education Teacher who has a Teacher/Conductor degree from Peto, England or Michigan can be certified to teach in Maryland public schools by simply passing the appropriate Praxis I and Praxis II biggy! Conductors would be hired as PGCPS employees and salary would be commensurate with experience. For example, a newly graduated teacher from Peto and alike would have a starting salary of about $43.481 for a 10 month teaching position...and a teacher with 8 years experience would start at $51.766.

Our director stated that the long term goal is to hire as many at 15 Conductive Education Teachers for Prince George's County Maryland Public School's early intervention centers, special regional centers and ortho centers! Pretty amazing!!! For now, the program is starting with a few classrooms and will grow. There are plans for FY 2011 to create a new position in the system which would be a "supervisor" position...something like Conductive Education Instructional Specialist, who would oversee the entire CE program across the various schools...

Fight for this in your local public schools!! Our key was the argument that we have all sorts of specialized Special Education Teachers...those who are trained to assist children with Autism, and those with Emotional Disorders, Behavioral Problems and Hearing Impairments... but we have no such thing in this country as a Special Education Teacher who is trained to assist children with Motor Disabilities... and this is of course exactly what a Conductive Education Teacher is! Our Director explained that Conductive Education is the missing link in our educational system!!!!

Please pass this information on about this historic breakthrough for Conductive Education to anyone you know who might interested. And if any Conductors are interested in more information about possible working opportunities, please have them contact me!

Thanks to all of you who helped make this dream come true!!



Robert Kurz (President, Sixten's Foundation)
301 805 9406

Very interesting indeed, both in its substance and its implications, on both of which doubtless more anon.


  1. Congrats, Sixteen Foundation! This is a fantastic achievement. I hope this will be transferable to other states and countries.


  2. Hello Robert,
    I was very happy to learn of your breakthrough. This is indeed a step forward.
    Israel ,as you might well know, is one of the leading Associations world wide to develop its own conductive system to the benefit of Israeli families, children and adults with cerebral palsy. Our conductors are enrolled in day care centers, kindergartens and school classes, as an integral part in the special education system as well as the regular one. The Israeli Ministry of Education, Welfare and Health, are of great financial support in most of our activities.
    With a long history of important achievements in the field, we are most happy to learn of similar breakthrough in other regions in the world, and would willingly share our experience.
    Good luck!

    Rony Schenker
    Tsad Kadima