Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Budgetry wobble in New Zealand

Future uncertain for Naenae unit

National budget cuts affecting special education in New Zealand put funding for one of the country's school-based CE units at risk.

At least that is the impression from a local newspaper story which, if a little unclear, is probably no less so than the reality that it describes.

Note and reference

Watkins, T. (2009) Cash pledge on disabled unit, Nelson Mail, 18 June


'...specialist training, which is available only in Hungary or Scotland.'

The Conductive Education Unit
Naenae Primary School, Wellington

Whoops again!

'We have a lovely, friendly and trained teacher. She is the best to meet and ask a lot of questions. We have a special therapist who works on the physical side and does a lot of physical activities with the children throughout the day. We are permanently doing therapy every day and every week during the year.'

Now which one is the conductor?

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