Thursday, 25 June 2009

A conductor in Moscow

A riddle wrapped in mystery inside an enigma

People in the West know so little about what is happening in CE in China, or Russia. Perhaps correspondingly they know very little about us (or perhaps they do).

Here's a quick glimpse of something that has been happening in a day hospital in Moscow, though precisely what the conductor does there is not described (rather like happens in the West, actually).

As a leading method of treatment we apply a method of “conductive education" in a combination with modern rehabilitation technologies... The basic rehabilitation work is carried out by a team of experts which consists of a neurologist, a speech therapist, a psychologist and a “conductor” (an expert on “conductive education”).


Churchill, W. (1939) Radio broadcast, 1 October

Lilin, E., Nosko, A., Sharandak, A. , Rudnitskaya, L. (2008) The organisation of work of the day-time hospital on the basis of the rehabiitataion center, Euromedica Conference, Hanover, July 2008

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