Sunday, 7 June 2009

School blog from New Zealand

First posting on Conductive Education

Addington School in Christchurch New Zealand has an established CE unit within the school.

Two days ago the school commenced publication of its own blog. The first posting reports on Conductive Eduction Awareness Week in Christchurch.

These New Zealand school-based CE units are now a regular part of the education scene in New Zealand's South Island. As such they represent an important advance in hen development of Conductive Education worldwide, the precedent of which ought to prove important argument for those struggling for acceptance by official education systems elsewhere.

It is pity, therefore that the rest of the world of Conductive Edication knows, and hears, so little about what happens down there. It is to be very much hoped that the New Zealand Foundation's sometimes very informative newsletter, now availably by email, will soon go on line. In the meantime, if this new blog is maintained, it could prove a valuable reource for those wanting to know more about school-based Conductive Education, not least if this in part incorporates the viewpoint of the host school.


Conductive Education Awareness Week, The Addington Article, 5 June


  1. Thank you for visiting our Addington blog, we greatly appreciate you comments, and intend to put more stories and information on it.

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