Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Pause to salute Gill Maguire

Blog's first birthday and one-hundredth posting

This afternoon Gill Maguire announced that today marks the first birthday of her blog Conductive Education Library, that this announcement (coincidentally?) is at the same time her one-hundredth posting and that she is currently receiving around a hundred hits a week there.

Characteristically she concludes her posting by asking what more she and ce-world might do to help further.

Here is the comment that I have just posted beneath it:

It is not for you to thank us, much to the contrary.

On behalf of those many perhaps too bashful to say it for themselves, thanks for hanging on in there through thick and thin, and for contunuing to do so.And thanks too for demonstrating so amply that secret ingredient that CE will need aplenty to see it through these testing times:


I know that there's so much of this out there already being applied in bushels, to the cause of Conductive Education around the world, all too often unseen and unsung. Without it, CE is nothing and we should not be here.

May you and Conductive Education Library, and all those other heroes out there (in fact, heroines in the main) go on from strength to stength through the srange times to come.


Maguire, G. (2009) One year old today, Conductive Eucation Library, 10 June

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