Monday, 22 June 2009


What are you doing?

Two weeks ago Conductive World published its first item about Twitter.

Two weeks is a very long time in politics, and a long time in anything caught up in them too.

The recent events in Iran have seen the apotheosis of Twitter as a serious, world-scale social and political phenomenon.

Start of the CE Twittersphere

What about little world of Conductive Education? (I keep wanting to write this with capital letters, 'The Little World of Conductive Education', but I suspect that there are few readers who will remember Giovannino Guareschi's Don Camillo! It's an amusing analogy, though)

Most of us are not in Iran, and Conductive Education is no longer the revolution that its pioneers outside Hungary once hoped that it would be. Blood and passion are not currently much in evidence here, so we proceed into the Twittersphere at the slower pace of the world at peace.
  • Someone asks where she can find out about Conductive Education, someone else wonders how she can train in England as a conductor.
  • Usual suspects from CE's still tiny Blogosphere announce their blogs
  • Like in the macro-world, celebrity directs attention where it might not otherwise be achieved (not Oprah here, yet, but this morning Rosemary Conlan Tweeted attention to the Steps CE Centre's CE awarenss week)
  • Only an hour ago the PEAL Centre in Pittsburgh PA announced vacancies on its CE summer school next month (an instant and universal exposure that the cluttered Web would never afford it)

A slow start, but if CE follows the example of the wider world, take-up may now be exponential.

So, what else might Twitter do for CE?

Have a look at Conductive World's companion aministrative site for a few modest proposals for simple end-user applications, whether you be service-user or service manager, conducor or outside student/professional. Find this at:

Read more?

Further information and more references at:


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