Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Beginnings of CE on Twitter

Moving cautiously into virgin territory

It is only three weeks since Twitter was first subject to attention in Conductive World (though to be pernickety, it did receive a walk-on part in a review of the blogosphere last October).

And it is only ten days since a further update here on Conductive World.

Following what has been happening in the rest of the world, especially since the recent events in Iran, people in Conductive Education are beginning to move into the Twittersphere to try out micro-blogging for themselves.

Just do it

It is to early to think of this as a 'gold-rush', but there is virgin territory to be staked out here.

Anybody with a computer or a modern mobile phone can do it

Don't miss your chance to be in there and stake a good claim from the beginning.

Some of the applications that might be used in Conductive Education (some already being tried) are listed in a just-updated 'administrative' item on:

A simple, practical tip

"Conductive Education" now seems the definitive search phrase that most people use (and not just in English).

If you join Twitter and start posting there, try to squeeze this phrase into whatever you write, so as to be found by the maximum number of people.

Make it easy for the search engines and for the people who are looking for something in our field and, in helping them, help yourself!


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