Friday, 3 July 2009

A ghost in the machine

Can anyone answer this query?

I have just received an email fron Susie Mallett, who asks that I pass it on to my readership.

Something odd is happening when I am in your blog... ask others if it happens to them

Yesterday, when I was listening to the Youtube song from your Ms Darcy blog about dancing. I heard a really creepy laughing sound at the beginning of it. When I restarted Youtube it wasnt there.

I forgot about it until just now When I opened your blog and clicked on the map to look at your recent visitors, I heard the very same laugh!

What is that all about? It sounds like something out of a ghost train.

I will check the adverts on the map page to see if it has anything to do with them. Mine will be different to yours, German ones.

Odder and odder, but not really appropriate when I was reading about Ms Darcy.

I rather like the idea of a haunted blog and wonder who amongst CE's glorious and not-so-glorious departed could be finding anything to laugh at here.

Sorry, Susie, I can't help you there At the technical level I understand nothing about how Blogger works, though please, dear readers, do let me know whether you too have had disturbing experiences when reading Conductive World .


  1. Andrew,
    It was a suprise to read about the uncanny laugh on your blog.

    I was correct in my theory that it had something to do with an advert on my computer which was in German.

    Beside the map on both your and my blogsite there was a wierd drawing of Grim Reeper with his hood and sickle, with a few black gravestones in the background and with the obligatory full moon high in the dark blue sky. GRIM was asking very informally:
    "Wie lange wirst du leben?"
    (How long will you live?)

    Then below the picture it said, this time very formally.
    " Nehman sie the Todestest"
    (Take the death-test)

    If my curser touched on this picture the ghosly laugh would laugh at me three times in a row, obviously trying to catch my attention.

    Almost illegible in the top right hand corner was written "2.99e for 5 days". What you get for your money for 5 days I didn't spend the time finding out, when I looked again later last evening the advert had, thank goodness, disappeared.

    Why this laugh should also be activated while I was watching the beautiful fairy-like video link from your Ms Darcy posting Goodness only knows!

    Let us see if I have now exorcized the ghost or if the haunting continues.


  2. I am very glad that you have now exorcised your spirit!

    You might care now to search on the Internetfor "haunted computers". You are not alone!

    There are truly some wierd people out there...