Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Is there a widespread market trend here?
A comment about Conductive Education on Facebook earlier this month:

My daughter did 5 weeks of this program in Canada and it was really great, but they work in large groups, I will like to find a place where there is one conductor working with 1 or 2 kids.So I'm looking for options of Conductive Education in other places America,Europe or Australia, does somebody have any idea?

Thank you☆

This is not the first time that I have come across such a sentiment.

Any information? Any comments?


  1. Andrew,
    She is totally right!
    Have been there and realized after many years that in America this is only the way...never do it Conductive Education in group.
    Andrew, please don't remove this post.

  2. Why should I want to remove it?

    But what I would want is to know the reasons that you think individual work to be the only way in North America.

    What has convinced you of this?


  3. And that's good context from which to come to that conclusion.

    But what would be really interesting to know is what experiences it was led you to think this way, so that perhaps other people might then try to avoid them, what caused you to come to this particular conclusion out of your experiences of CE with your children.

    Was it conductors who were not up to working alone, was it conductors who were not just not ready to work in 'the West', was it hostile and negative professionals who took evil advantage of their established positions? Was it existing instututions defending their territory?

    These things happened whether the CE was channelled through little institutions or through individuals/families.

    Or did you experience other destructive forces altogether?

    I know that all these things, and lots besides, caused problems in the 'early days', and not just in America. Perhaps they have continued.

    The trouble is that hardly anyone speaks up and describes what ACTUALLY can happen when things go wrong, with conductors, with 'professsionals' and, yes, within families too.

    And if nobody ever does then we shall never know, and new parents in the West will be as much in the dark as were the first pioneering families. We are left with just the 'good' news, with pictures of smiling people and glowing reports all round.

    But if that is only part of the picture how can anybody plan sensibly for a rather better future>

    Maybe everyone involved has very good reason to keep stummm. But other people have good reason at least to ask, so forgive us if we seem to pry.


  4. Andrew,
    It easy to say “if I would know” before you start something. Definitively dealing with parents has been the most painful experience for me. I work so hard and put my life into CE and than realize that it was so UN ethical what the parents could do these days to undermine my effort... of course the conductors is the different story. There is a difficult question to ask???Do you want to help your child or do you like to help yourself. I choose to help my child and some others…
    I think we all parents want to do the best but unfortunately in this society money is the main factor and this is why Conductive Education will never be successful to be established because one of the most factors in CE is to established motivation toward the child and NO MONEY will do it for the child. The conductor must be attached to the child and than you are going to see results.
    Here in America conductors are attached to the pay check and I can not blame them for it. They are like anybody else…service providers but not a conductor.
    I wish one day to share our experiences but I can not because the parents…

  5. Djenkuje barzo, Jerzy.

    As you say. 'One day...'