Thursday, 2 July 2009


To a critical exercise

In the early hours of this morning, night owl Judit Szathmáry posted a new item on her resurrected Sourcesence website.

It directs attention to the entry on Conductive Education in a special-education handbook, an American publication.

Some three pages are given to Conductive Education. You can find these pages at:

Be warned, this is a Google Books site and the three pages that you need might not download at the first attempt. If this happens to you, save what you get and just try again. You’ll get them all eventually.

A critical exercise

My first inclination was to write a critical analysis of what I found written there.

Then I thought that it might be interesting to see what would happen if I were to hand this task over to the readers of Conductive World, to pick out and comment on any specific matters that they regard as important or otherwise worthy of mention.

So, please write in and tell what you think about what is said in these three pages.. Let’s have ‘the wisdom of the crowd’.

Who should respond?


It matters not whether you are a conductor or someone else working in the field of Conductive Education, a parent or service-user, a professional or someone who does it out of love.

The book is American and directed very much to an American readership. Don’t be put off replying if you are not American!

And don’t be put off replying if you do not feel confident enough about your written English. Answer in the language of your choice.

Is that all inclusive enough?

How to respond to this invitation?

You can post a comment at the foot of this invitation.

Or you can mail your thoughts direct:
I shall then post your response for you.

Or perhaps you might prefer to respond to Judit at Sourcesence.

Make your response as long, or as short, as you like.

Who are you?

The cloak of fear seems still to hang heavy across some people in Conductive Education.

If you have something to say, but consider that it would be best not to identify yoursef, , then post your reply anonymously, or under a pseudonym.

Or you may chose to email what you think direct to Conductive World:

Correspondents’ anonymity is always respected, unless they explicitly request otherwise.

What to comment on?
  • The facts
  • The ideas and theory
  • The history (then and now)
  • The authority of this publication
  • The importance of being included in such a handbook
  • Is this a entry a good or a bad thing for Conductive Education?
  • Any or all such matters
  • Anything else that you regard as important here…

There are currently some thirty to forty visitors a day to Conductive World, say in the order of around a hundred a week. Allowing for some casual or accidental arrivals, one suspects that the majority are of the anorak or head-banging persuasion (in other words they are enthusiasts) and, judging from the ones with whom I have contact, they are in the main experienced, committed, critical, vocal people, with often powerful opinions to express.

Let’s be having them.


Judit’s posting

Szathmáry, J. (2009) Conductive Education in the Praeger Handbook of Special Education by Albert Bursztyn, Sourcesense, 2 July

Link to the CE entry in this Handbook

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  1. Readers might like to consider reading this chapter of the mentioned book for true analysis. By recognising the contrasts and also their agreements with what they learnt and experienced with CE they have an opportunity to bring forth a new and common understanding of Petö’s life work and heritage. This discussion could create a new poise or posture of possibilities for the future of Conductive Education.