Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Ireland: continuing confusion

North and South

Some six weeks ago Conductive World remarked upon the unthinking hypocrisy of the UK state when it comes to honoring Conductive Education's campaigners and pioneers whilst at the same time turning its back obdurately to the very thing that those campaigners and pioneers are fighting for (Sutton, 2009a).

This has now been evidenced next door in the Irish Republic.

Terence Charles from Florencecourt (not in the Republic but in Northern Ireland) has met President Mary McAleese, President of the Irish Republic, at a garden party at her Dublin residence in recognition of the work that he does, advocating Conductive Education and the Buddy Bear Trust (also in Northern Ireland).

You would be hard put to find a state more inhospitable to establishing CE services than the Irish Republic (though Northern Ireland would run it a very close second).

He'll be lucky

Terence as reported as saying, following the garden party:

...the Irish Government has now given an undertaking to open a new [Conductive Education]school in Dundalk.

This seems on the face of it somewhat unlikely since events in Dundalk, when last heard of a month ago, were still at the parent-awareness level (Sutton, 2009b), and such schools in the Republic are not provided directly by government anyway.

Still, the luck of the Irish is proverbial.


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