Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Fresh and enthusiastic new generation in Oz

Manifesto of the

Friends of Australian Conductive Education (FACE)

There are a number of establishments across Australia offering CE and we would like to create a virtual Australian CE community where we can talk about our successes, our dreams and issues that we are facing, in order to support and help one another despite the physical distance that we may be from one another.

This group will be open to all: anyone who practises CE (conductors/teacher-conductors) professionals working within a CE environment, with children/adults who participate in CE programmes those wanting to know more about CE parents of children receiving CE parents wondering whether CE would be suitable for their child friends of parents with a child with motor diabilities students wondering how to train as conductors
... the list goes on!

This Facebook group started only a month or so ago and already has 49 members.

Its discusion board reports excitement in Southern Australia at the arrival of a second conductor there and eager anticipation of a new conductor in Western Australia, along with satisfaction and determination in Adelide over its first Parent Information Night Group.

The group was created by teacher-conductor Natalie Fitzparick (Perth) who administers it along with Eszter Agocs (Southern Australia).

It is a long time now since NACE (the National Asssociation of Conductive Education) died the death in Australia. Now maybe a new generation will be able to make a fist of some sort of national movement, bringing together a fresh generations of parents and those who want to serve.

Information and contact

This is an open group. Anyone can join, and invite others to join too.

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