Monday, 20 July 2009

So no problem there, then

Smiles all round in New Zealand...

Big smiles in the photo that heads today's (tomorrow's) news report by John Gibbs in the Otago Daily Times, under the headline 'Minister reassuring on special needs'.


Read the following extract right through, to is bitter end.

Parents and teachers have nothing to fear from a planned review of special education, and it is not a cost-cutting exercise, Associate Education Minister Heather Roy says.

Mrs Roy, who has ministerial responsibility for children with special needs, visited several Dunedin schools yesterday.

Overall funding for special needs education was increased in the Budget, with $51 million extra being provided for the Ongoing and Reviewable Resourcing Scheme (ORRS) between this month and mid-2012, Mrs Roy noted recently.

The Government provided about $450 million a year for special needs education and the review would consider whether the money was being well spent and "to make sure that the children who need the funding are able to access it", she said in an interview.

Asked about criticism of some recently announced changes in special needs education, she said some funding for conductive education programmes was being ended this year, on equity grounds.

Nevertheless, overall national funding for special needs education had been increased, she said.

So that's all right then.


Gibbs, J. (2009) Minister reassuring over special needs, Otago Daily Times, 21 July


  1. Perhaps Mrs Roy would like to visit Addington School?

  2. So invite her.

    And make sure that, if she comes, her visit amounts to rather more than posing smiling next to a child in a whelchair.

    Make sure that (a) she is exposed to the passion for and within Conductive Education and (b) she receives some very clear accounts of what it is and what it achieves, for children and their families.

    I am sure that she is both intelligent and humane. Give her an experience to send her away reeling.


    PS I do suggest that the invitation is not signed 'Anonymous'!

  3. See our latest blog on visit by MP Clayton Cosgrove.

    Addington Article

  4. Yes indeed. Addington sounds just the place to start Mrs Roy's education:

    By the way, Conductive Education Information has just published an extensive background update on the CE situation in New Zealand:

    Good luck with the earthquakes. There's something that most of CE doesn't have to worry about!

    Andrew Sutton