Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tribute to Ms Darcy

If you have tears
Prepare to shed them now

This is a link to a recent posting on Billie Wright Ericson's most excellently written and remarkably well patronised Micro Preemie Twins blog. There seems to be no direct-to-posting link possible to specific items on that site, so you will have to go to the top then scroll down to 24 June to find this one.

The story told there is not about Conductive Education though, as you read through the main body of the text, you will recognise some familiar pedagogic principles in a somewhat different context.

The story is to some degree about cerebral palsy, and this might be interesting too.

Read it through to its bitter end:

Wrighr Ericson, B. (2009) I hope you dance, Micro Preemie Twins, 24 July

What a cruel world.

This is the song that Billie refers to in her blog, I hope you dance (Lee Ann Womack):

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