Wednesday, 19 August 2009

From Brazil, upbringing with love

A lesson for life
from Sergeant Machado of the Environment Police

Last month Leticia Búrigo’s group visited a police animal rescue centre, and saw how the staff there treat both domesticated animals and wild ones that will later be returned home to nature.

The children had the chance to play with penguins recovering from an oil slick, and saw monkeys, cats, owls, toucans and various native birds.

But the big lesson for Leticia came from Sargento Machado, who described the process of recovery (or should I write ‘healing‘?):

They come to us in a cage, with little agility in that space to move around. Then we transfer them to a slightly larger space, so that they can try out the sensations of flying again. Then we move them to an even bigger one so that they can adapt themselves better to the natural environment. Food is always placed in a different location so that they can hunt it out for themselves, with their own efforts, taking into account the needs of nature.

Leticia was struck by analogies with her conductive group:
  • the series of routines and series of tasks that increasingly approximate the children’s living environment
  • the effort and responsibility to seek independence, and
  • 'food each day in a different place'.

The considerable postings on Leticia's blog are written mainly in Portuguese. They have been providing Portuguese-speakers with a steady stream of insights into conductive upbringing from the humane, loving standpoint of a thoroughgoing conductive mother.

Here is how she concludes this present posting:

Nature is our life, Conductive Education is our school.

Nice one, Leticia.

My Portuguese is hardly up to it but someone whose is really should plough back through this by now condiderable body of work and collect some of these little aperçus of hers.

'Leticia's proverbs'.


Búrigo, L. (2009) Policia Ambient, Educação Condutiva - com amor, 18 August

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