Wednesday, 21 October 2009

ACENA news

On Internet soon

I have just received one of those nice, yellow quarto envelopes from the US Mail, always cheering to me because they seem to speak of something unchanging, stable and reliable, so different from the present state of own dear Royal Mail.

In it was issue no 9 of the hard copy of ACENA News. Eventually this issue will be available on line too.

Inter alia, it announces that the board of the Association for Conductive in North America has formulated a new work plan for 2009-10, with new goals, timeline and strategies. This will be circulated to members following ratification on 20 October. Various new Directors have been elected and the website is to be redone. ACENA has been going now for three years. It has fifty members and it is intended to maintain this level as a minimum.

Andrea Benyovszky’s notification on the future of the training scheme as Aquinas College appears here in hard form. This has already been republished twice already on the blogosphere:

The largest item by far is a sound, basic article by Krisztina Abonyi Bernstein, on equipment for using in Conductive Education, one of those taken-for-granted topics that just never get written down for people to consider and discuss:

Abonyi Bernstein, K. (2009) Creating the proper Conductive Educational environment: equipment and facilities, ACENA News, no 9, pp. 2-3.

Thank you Krisztina.

Look out for ACENA's new wbsite at 

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