Friday, 30 October 2009


But normal services are now being resumed

Conductive World has been down with a virus.

Catalogue of disasters

One symptom of the virus was to bar all access to the Internet, including of course emails.

Along the way it also got into my Facebook account and sent out daft messages and dud video links to all my contacts there, till this was spotted and the account suspended.

It may be wholly coincidental, but amidst all this my dongle also died the death or, even if not actually dead, it has entered into an inconsolable, presumed terminal sulk in which it actively refuses to accept that it has a SIM card inserted.

I have to haunt Internet cafes till everything is operating properly again.

Nothing of course that a painful injection of US$$ could not cure. Things are almost working again, Facebook has reopened its doors. The only remaining damage is a backlog of things to do.
Now I await only a currier bearing a new dongle.

Back to normal

Apologies to correspondents awaiting a response. Your email might have ‘vanished’. If I don’t get back to you, then I expect that you will nag. If you do, please also include a copy of the email that was not replied to.

Publication of Conductive World itself has been suspended for a couple of days but is getting back under way. The blanks will be filled in as a soon as possible.

Look out for features on the recent twentieth anniversaries of events in Central Europe and a report on Cerebra’s most illuminating conference in Cardiff this last week.

A warning to us all. Don’t leave your anti-virus subscription unrenewed. And I had better go have one of those flu-jabs that I keep being offered.

Meanwhile, thanks to everyone who wrote in to be helpful and express concern. And as for the couple who took umbrage, then went to the trouble of expressing it… Well, that’s Conductive Education: all human life is there!


  1. I'm sorry to hear you've had so much computer trouble. Looking forward to the resumption of normal service.

  2. You have probably done it by now but there are free anti-virus that are as good as, or better than, the paid-for ones. These include AVG and Avast.

    Or you could go really geeky and do what I am doing now and use Linux...