Monday, 19 October 2009

Cambridge Primary Review

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Most of the thirty or so Conductive Education services in England work with children. For the large part, presumably, they consider themselves to have a long-term commitment to their work and would like it to be an integral part of the county’s educational service.

The hot issue in the English education service at the moment is Robin Alexander’s Cambridge Primary Review (which also relates to important concerns for those who work with preschool children).

More detail

You can find the Review at:

This page has links to the Review’s final report, to a shorter briefing paper and to extensive press coverage .

Here is what the shorter briefing paper says on the switch to school from preschool:

Matching ages, stages and structures

The English insistence on the earliest possible start to formal schooling, against the grain of international evidence and practice, is educationally counterproductive. The Early Years Foundation Stage should be renamed and extended to age six, and early years provision should be strengthened in its quality and staffing so that children are properly prepared – socially, linguistically and experientially – for formal learning. The Key Stage 1/2 division should be replaced by a single primary phase, yielding a seamless journey through Foundation (0-6) and Primary (6-11). The feasibility of raising the school starting age in line with these changes should be examined.

You may search these texts for yourselves to find mention of ‘special needs’, relevant teacher-training, and Conductive Education.
Local conferences

Want to find out more, ask questions, show the flag?

There is to be a programme of regional day conferences on the report, to be held across the country, commencing (auspiciously?) on 5 November:

The materials available on line are provided free of charge. The local conferences will cost £225 a head to attend.

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