Tuesday, 13 October 2009

CE videos on line

Nine pages of site links and other information

This morning I received one of those computer-generated lists of links that some computer somewhere reckons I might be interested in. These are not sent to me to make me happy but to attract my attention to a sponsoring product , and perhaps along the way draw my attention to other products advertised there.

Sorry, Mr Robot, but Fantasy Football does not really appeal, nor do charity races, charity runs, suit therapy (though my suits could all do with more than a bit of that) or autism care. Never mind, your nine pages of Internet links to Conductive Education videos, and to some other CE sites as well, alerted me to some things that I had not previously known.

Last week I queued for an hour outside Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, waiting for it to open at 0900 hrs so that I could see a small part of the just-discovered hoard of buried Anglo-Saxon gold, found a few miles north of the city. That exhibition closed today but readers of Conductive World might like to share in this other little treasure trove:


Only last week I drew critical attention to a much-linked-to CE video. A little before that I had heaped praise upon another.

This topic, on-line videos, has as yet not really been problematicised. It is perhaps time to move towards doing so. Do any readers od Conductive World have comments to make on this topic?


  1. Whoops! I have just spotted that Gill had pipped me to the post in blogging this information. Sorry Gill, no disrespect intended!


  2. No problem, as they say, Andrew.